J.M. Air Heating Dual Fuel Montreal

What does converting your heating system involve?

Heating system conversion involves replacing your old energy-consuming oil furnace with an electric furnace. This can be done without the need to change your existing ventilation or hot-water piping systems.

By converting your system, you adhere to Hydro Quebec’s dual energy concept, which involves using electricity as the main source of power and fuel (oil, gas) as a secondary source. You will then be eligible for the preferential electricity rates applicable to homes equipped with a dual-energy heating systems (DT Rate).

It’s easy to make this conversion without any hassle. No damages or modifications will be made to your home or to the facilities already in place during this transition. Once this conversion is done, you can immediately start enjoying your new money saving investment without having to make a single change or repair!

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J.M. Air Heating System Conversion Montreal
J.M. Air Heating Dual Energy Montreal

Heating System Conversion is The Best Defense Against The Rising Price of Heating Oil!

It’s no secret that in recent years, the cost of heating oil has climbed significantly. This is why the solution of switching to another form of energy is to date the best option to counter the growing prices and save money annually that would otherwise go towards fuel cost increases.