Central or wall-mounted heat pump ?

The importance of properly assessing your heating needs!

A poor evaluation will cause you many problems. A heat pump system without the necessary power won’t be able to temper the desired space and will significantly increase your electricity bills. On the other hand, a system that is too powerful will likely cost you more and may deteriorate faster. Fortunately, the J.M. Air team works with you to ensure that you receive a full personalized assessment and that you get the proper facts!

Our evaluators are highly trained to answer all of your requests, even with the most complex cases.

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    Central Heat Pump

    Ideal for a house under construction, benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty! The central heat pump saves you 30% energy. Stay cool in the summer and enjoy the comfort heating when the winter will show at your doorstep!


    Wall-Mounted Heat Pump

    Ideal for an existing home. The installation does not cause major renovation and you can enjoy optimal use in these hot humid days of summer. Enjoy the comfort in any season!

    Choosing the right product



    Measurement of the different rooms



    Calculation of the amount of BTUs needed



    Electrical panel compliance assessment



    Choosing a quality products that best suit your needs.

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