Electric Furnace

The Benefits of Choosing An Electric Furnace:

  • clean and renewable energy;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Excellent performance;
  • Silent;
  • emits no harmful particles in the air.
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Electric Boiler

The Benefits of Choosing An Electric Boiler:

  • economic;
  • does not require much space;
  • high performance;
  • fast heating;
  • clean energy.
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Heating System | J.M. Air

Make the right choice and save big!

Keep your home warm by choosing the right heating specialist.

In order to make an informed choice and enjoy all the benefits of your heating system, a good assessment of your home must be made. The J.M. Air team will evaluate your situation on-site and tailor a quote which is personalized to your specific needs.

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Expert assessments include:

  • Measurement of the different rooms;
  • Calculation of the amount of BTUs needed;
  • Electrical panel compliance assessment;
  • Proposing quality products that best suit your needs;
  • Financing plan in 48 equal payments at 0% interest.

The evaluation and submission are entirely FREE

What are your needs?

Other elements we should know?

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  • Over 35 years experience
  • Largest residential installer in Montreal
  • No Subcontractors
  • Guarantees of 10 years or more
  • Financing at 0% FOR OVER 48 MONTHS!

Heating System

The importance of properly assessing your heating needs

The most suitable heating system is one that meets all your daily needs. The type of heating and the adequate number of BTUs you’ll need will depend on the dimensions of the room, the amount of insulation, the type of windows, as well as several other factors that our experts can determine during an on-site assessment. The heating system that performs the best is the one that meets all of your daily situations.Our evaluators are highly trained to meet all of your requests, even for the most complex cases. A sloppy evaluation done by a non-qualified technician will cause you many problems, especially when the winter begins to creep in. A poor evaluation can also incur unforeseen costs if the heater you purchased is unfortunately not suitable for your space and needs to be urgently replaced. Don’t wait for the cold weather to arrive, or for the situation to get complicated. Choose the option with the best value! Take your business to the heating professionals at J.M. Air.

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